• headquarters •

Artribal Tatouages opened in 1994 and became a reference within few years.
Specialising into custom tattoos, its reputation is now crossing the borders.
The new studio has been chosen and organised in order to work and to welcome you in the best conditions. One room for the reception desk, five booths to tattoo, an exhibition room and a private lounge occupy the 270 m2 of the studio.
Artribal is intended to make possible exchange and emulation in between the tattooists of the studio in order to be more creative and to always upgrade; so that your tattoo exceed your expectations.
In addition to the permanent tattoo artists, Artribal welcome guest artists and exhibitions as well. Keep up to date !


Since it’s open, with professionalism, Artribal has always been working with the highest standards needed by the profession.
Since 2008, tattooing is regulated by several laws and the studio obey those rules.
For everyone convenience, smoking, drinking, eating and using a cell phone is not allowed in the studio.
Pets and animals are not allowed too.
People under 18 are not allowed except if they stay very quite.
You must be responsible and over 18 to get tattooed and you’ll need to get an appointment.
A deposit is required to get an appointment.
Artribal specialise into custom tattoos.
Artribal has the right to refuse some tattoos.


As regard to the law (12th of December 2008) each tattooist at Artribal followed a compulsory hygiene course.
The studio has separated rooms.
Tattoo stations are covered with plastic barriers to prevent from cross contamination.
Needles, tubes, ink, ointment, etc are single use.
Contaminated thrashes are taken off and treated by a labelled enterprise.


take care of your tattoo